Our Culture

Our culture often reflects our founder’s greatest strengths and traits. Like Mr. Davidson, we prize optimism and creativity as we carry out our work together. We also value relationship building and true partnership within our team and alongside our board, grantees, and community. But in short, we believe in working hard, collaborating closely, and maintaining a consistent mindset embodying curiosity, courage, and action.

Our DEI Approach

As a relatively young organization, the Foundation is early in building its roadmap and formally addressing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion work. We know that committing to DEI means playing the long game. This is not a moment in time, with ad-hoc programs or activities, but instead an ongoing, collaborative journey. We remain open and willing to adapt as new voices and perspectives join our team and accompany us in this commitment.

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Join Our Team

We are building a world-class team of professionals to honor and extend the legacy of William Davidson through the practice of thoughtful, intentional, inclusive philanthropy.