The William Davidson Foundation is working to advance, promote, and expand opportunities to access the world-class collection of arts, cultural, and design assets across Southeast Michigan and Israel. We are seeking to ensure the long-term sustainability and relevance of today’s defining arts and cultural organizations in these regions in order to remain leading centers for high-quality artistic and cultural experiences and creative expression into the future.

Our approach includes several elements and activities:

  • Strengthening and celebrating the defining arts, cultural, and design assets in Southeast Michigan and Israel in ways that help expand their reach, encourage creative expression, and stimulate economic growth in related industries;
  • Sponsoring signature arts and cultural events that welcome and connect thousands of local, national, and international visitors to Detroit and Israel through world-class, unique experiences.  We also periodically invest in international exchanges and dialogues to connect leaders and innovators in the creative sector across the two geographies;
  • Investing in the pipeline of talent for the creative sector through cross-sector collaborations and partnerships with leading institutes for arts and design education.

Within both of our geographies of focus, longstanding organizations, academic institutions, and artistic visionaries have provided inspirations for generations. We are helping these organizations thrive in the years ahead with relevant, engaging programming and stable operations. At the same time, we are attuned to a broader set of hopes: that individual artists and designers have the skills, space, and tools they need to develop new audiences and businesses, and that the creative economy has the necessary talent and resources to continue to grow.

Over the last several years, we have invested deeply in Southeast Michigan’s cultural anchors, including the Detroit Institute of Arts and Detroit Symphony Orchestra. Through our sponsorships of DLECTRICITY, and Murals in the Market, we have sought to support arts and cultural festivals that animate public life in Detroit and foster connections between people and place. We have also continued Mr. Davidson’s funding to unrivaled archaeological and heritage sites in Israel and begun to support iconic cultural institutions there like the Israel Museum, the National Library of Israel, and Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design.

We work proactively to identify opportunities in the Southeast Michigan region and Israel. Our support is project- and place-focused. Although we are regionally-minded, we focus on areas of greater population density where there is a diversity of cultural and economic activity and where our investments may have greater impact.