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Sefaria is a nonprofit organization, established in 2013, to advance the future of Jewish learning by digitizing and offering Jewish texts online for free, in Hebrew and English translations. Sefaria’s founders, the best-selling author Joshua Foer and Google project manager Brett Lockspeiser, envisioned a world in which any interested person could have unfettered access to the entire Jewish canon.

Sefaria was born of that vision. What has resulted is an online library that offers learners of all levels easy access to Jewish texts, provides students and scholars resources to deepen their learning, and supplies educators with materials to make teaching more efficient and lessons more interactive – all with the goal of enhancing the future of Jewish education.

The Sefaria library has grown to nearly 150 million words and includes more than 101,000 educational source sheets—a primary tool for teaching Jewish text. In addition, 20 independent apps have been created to access the website’s content in other ways, including an Amazon Alexa Torah reading app. By the end of 2018, Sefaria expects to have acquired, digitized and posted online the entire core Hebrew canon.

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